About the Web Site

About this Website

I wasn't sure until I began writing this website what I would be including. I needed a place to point colleagues towards information and demos that describe my current projects using photography, GIS, and virtual tours. I also figured that my bio would be helpful. That led to thinking about how my past research and collaborations can still be valuable as I apply today's hardware and software to ideas I pondered nearly 50 years ago.

My earliest work is better left to stories since nearly all the technology I used from the 1970s until the 2010s is virtually obsolete. However, stories are also fun to tell, so I've added a blog.

Finally, I've traveled and worked and photographed my way around the world. I greatly admire and respect my international colleagues and our collaborations, so I intend to highlight those relationships within the PLACES chapter. Writing these descriptions and revisiting the unique locations is serious motivation, even in retirement, to keep working towards realizing the maximum benefits of using "Mighty Science in Defense of Nature."

As I think about my career and review the fascinating projects I've been privileged to be a part of, I realized that a unifying theme has emerged around animals, plants, habitats, and technologies. So naturally, being unable to resist a good pun, "ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, ROBOT" was born.

There have been hundreds of people - colleagues, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, volunteers, friends, and family - who deserve acknowledgment for the work described (and soon to be described) on this website. In addition, more than twenty funding sources, the top among them being our US National Science Foundation, made this research possible. Again, I am so very grateful.