Overlanding in my Four Wheel Camper

Overlanding with my Toyota Tacoma and Four Wheel Camper

One of my most essential pieces of equipment would have to be my Toyota Truck and Four Wheel Camper. I have owned one since 2001, and my latest rig since 2014.

Besides being a most capable four wheel drive vehicle, the camper has provided a dry, warm and secure place to operate my photographic and computer equipment, regardless of the terrain or season. Over the years I have upgraded my set-up with improved solar power, additional storage, a better winch, heavy duty suspetion, and an overall beefier exterior. These truck campers have never let me down or gotten me hopelessly stuck!

I've included photos from a few of the locations that I have enjoyed camping, and as I process more of my older photography, I am certain I will come across more wonderful backdrops to my most dependable overlanding second home.