"Spooky" - Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge - 2020

"Look around you at all the beauty, complexity, and variety of life. We live in a world of mistakes, governed by chance."

Sean Carroll

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A Naturalist with a Camera

I've never considered myself a professional photographer, but I have used cameras and taken photographs for all of my adult life. It's a critical tool for a biologist, and an essential layer to every professional activity that I have engaged in through my career.

This photography blog will be updated regularly as I dig through and update my image archives from their many original film and electronic formats. I am also utilizing modern digital cameras in my current projects and nature explorations. Newly processed collections will be posted at the top, and I'm working towards incorporating a visual timeline tool to indicate when, where and how any particular image collection was created.

A Siege of Herons at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

A Siege of Herons at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

February 11, 2022

Portland, Oregon

Birding at Sauvie Island - 2021

September 29, 2021

Portland, Oregon

Overlanding with a Four Wheel Camper

2004 - 2021

Here is a selection of places I've camped in my Four Wheel Camper and Toyota Tacoma over the years

Exploring the Oregon Outback at Summer Lake Hot Springs

October 13-14, 2020

Summer Lake, Oregon

A walk after a storm

January 12, 2021

Along one of my outdoor walks through Waterboard Park, Canemah Bluff, and the McLaughlin Promenade

Canemah Bluff Natural Area

Fall, 2020

Oregon City, Oregon

The Sandhill Cranes at Sauvie Island

October 19, 2020

Portland, Oregon

Willamette River and Falls

June, 2019

Oregon City, Oregon

Birding at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

October 22, 2020

Portland, Oregon

Old Canemah Park

October 26, 2020

Oregon City, Oregon

Waterboard Park

Fall, 2020

Oregon City, Oregon