A Javascript Spherical and Panorama Photo Viewer

This experiment uses Pannellum software to implement a lightweight panorama viewer for spherical and panoramic photographs created in the previous experiment, or directly from cameras or static images. In this demonstration, the widget grabs a single image from a 360 degree fish-eye camera, and projects it as an equi-rectangle (photosphere) view of the upper (top) hemisphere. The camera is close to the ground pointing towards the sky. When the camera is "live" the image does not update automatically until you reload the web page. There may be a way to automate this reload, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Icons on top left of the image aid in navigation. If viewing on a computer, the image can be panned and zoomed using your mouse and scroll wheel. On a mobile device, the touch screen controls the pan and zoom, and with a phone, the built in compass and gyroscope should allow you to look around the panorama by changing your direction up/down/right/left.

Credit goes to Matthew Petroff for providing this software as open source and his invaluable documentation. For additional detailed information see

Check out the Time-Lapse Movies Project here .


360 degree fish-eye video projected as hemispherical image - updated every 2 seconds

Equirectangular image warped by Pannellum javascript for immersive viewing - standalone version

Custom controls

Equirectangular image warped by Pannellum javascript for immersive viewing - API version with user controls and compass